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Fine for the infringement of GDPR


The National Supervisory Authority finalized in March 2022 an investigation at the Owners’ Association from 17 Soporului Street, Cluj City, to which it applied a fine, following the fact that this controller did not provide the information requested by our institution, thus breaching the provisions of Article 83 paragraph (5) letter e) corroborated with the provisions of Article 58 paragraph (1) letters a) and e) from the General Data Protection Regulation.

Therefore, the owners’ association was sanctioned with fine in amount of Lei 2,474.5 (the equivalent of EUR 500).

The investigation was performed following a complaint submitted by a data subject through which it was claimed that the controller disclosed on the Facebook group of the building where he/she resides images with him/she from the video surveillance system managed by the association.

Given that the controller did not respond to the requests of our institution, although it confirmed their receipt, it was sanctioned with fine.

Also, it was ordered to provide to the supervisory authority all the information requested, within 5 working days as of the communication of the report.


Legal and Communication Department