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European Fines Top


According to the data from a survey published recently, Romania is ranked on the third place in the European Union regarding the fines applied by the national supervisory authorities, starting with 2018 until this moment.

Therefore, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing applied, starting with 25th of May 2018, a number of 68 sanctions with fine in amount of EUR 721,000, that places Romania after Spain and Italy.

In the same ranking, Hungary is placed on the fourth place with a number of 45 fine sanctions applied and Norway on the fifth place with 40 sanctions.

According to the data from the survey, within 2018-2021, in the European Union have been applied fines in total amount of:

  • EUR 436,000 for 2018
  • EUR 72 millions for 2019
  • EUR 171 millions for 2020
  • 1 billion EUR for 2021.


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