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2019 Annual report


The Annual activity Report of ANSPDCP for year 2019 was posted publicly on the website of the authority under section “General information/Public information/Annual reports”.

The annual report contains a synthetic presentation of the authority’s activities, being structured in accordance with the main competences of ANSPDCP, in the following chapters: chapter I – general presentation, chapter II – advisory, consultation and public information activity, chapter III – monitoring and control activity, chapter IV – foreign affairs activity and chapter V – the economic management of the Authority.

At the same time, this Report contains statistical benchmarks highlighted in each chapter, including graphics compared to previous years such as: the number of investigations performed in total or differentiated (ex officio, respectively based on complaints), the number of complaints and intimations received, the number of corrective measures imposed (including fines), the number of points of view issued, of pending litigations, of codes of conducts assessed, the number of press releases, the number of binding corporate rules/IMI requests.

Also, the 2019 Annual Report contains case-laws regarding the investigation activity, as well as the most relevant points of view issued, which reflect the complexity of the activity performed, in connection with the tasks of our institution.

The short term and medium term objectives together with the assessment of the actual activity are highlighted in the Foreword of the Report.

The 2019 Activity Report of ANSPDCP can be consulted also here.


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