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On the occasion of the anniversary event organised by the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing on the 10th June 2015 in order to celebrate 10 year since the supervisory authority’s establishment, various subjects referring to ensuring the protection of personal data by data controllers from both the public and private sector were brought into discussion, in the context of an accentuated technological development which led to the use of the on-line environment or of new technologies (cloud computing, cookies, drones).

In the event’s opening, the Authority’s president – Mrs. Anca Opre highlighted the fact that this event is celebrated at a crucial time in the field of personal data protection, in view of the current legislative reform process at European Union and Council of Europe level. It was therefore mentioned that, at European level, the new global standards on the protection of private life and personal data are outlined through the adoption of a new legislative package due to be finalised by the end of the year within the trialog meetings between the European Commission – European Parliament – European Council.

The supervisory Authority also expressed its openness in preparing a guide on the processing of personal data within cloud computing services, with the aid of interested stakeholders and also mentioned that our office will continue to be an actively involved partner within the social medium and represent a true guardian of the private life of each one of us.

The event was also honoured by the presence of Mr. Cristian Dumitrescu, vice-president of Romania’s Senate, who highlighted the fact that our office has done its job up to now and that, in today’s information society, the protection of personal data represents a necessity.

Prof. univ. dr. Mrs. Elena-Simina Tănăsescu, presidential adviser, expressed her hope that the Authority will be ready to face the future challenges posed by technology and that it will continue to play a proactive role in protecting the private life.

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, secretary of state Mr. Daniel Ioniţă showed his institution’s concern on complying with the rules on personal data protection.

A particular interest was also shown as regards the contribution made by Mrs. Laura Andrei, president of Bucharest’s Tribunal, who underlined the efforts made by this institution in order to observe the right to delete the data and the right of intervention which are both granted to justice seekers, as well as to ensure the confidentiality of the files brought before the courts, especially in the cases involving minors.

During the three sessions of debates dedicated to the compliance with the right to be forgotten on the internet as a result of the decision of the European Court of Justice, cookie modules and to the protection of personal data in the context of cloud computing services, theoretical and practical issues were underlined which are relevant for public institutions and entities within the private sector.

Alongside the supervisory authority’s representatives, a particular involvement was noted from members of the private medium and civil society which actively took part in the debates on the proposed themes.

This event constituted a real success which points out the particular interest shown by the whole society in the field of personal data protection.


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