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Press Release


On the 5th October 2010 representatives of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing attended the Conference on "Issues NGOs face whilst being established and during their functioning" at the invitation of the Romanian Association for Defending Human Rights - Helsinki Committee (APADOR - CH).

Amongst other issues debated, the representatives of the national Supervisory Authority informed the participants with regard to the main obligations of associations and foundations, as established by Law no. 677/2001, in the context of the need to protect individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Within the debates with representatives of the NGOs clarifications were brought to a number of issues referring to their obligation to notify the processing of personal data carried out, especially those within projects financed by non-refundable funds on the development of human resources, even more so as according to one representative of the NGOs the on-line notification procedure is simple and fast.

The debates also referred to issues on the rights of data subjects, as well as other issues on ensuring the confidentiality of personal data processing.

On this occasion, the Supervisory Authority's availability towards collaboration and the support given to associations and foundations in order for them to observe the rights of the data subjects with a view of ensuring a real protection for personal data by NGOs.  

We would also like to point out the opinion of the NGOs' representatives, according to which non governmental organisations, associations and foundations must enter the legal obligations referring to the protection of personal data as an expression of the respect towards those with whom they come into contact with.