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For the preparation of the Romanian accession to the Schengen area, Mrs. Georgeta Basarabescu - the president of the National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing, accompanied by Miss Simona Sandru, head of the Investigations Department, was on the 2nd of September 2008 at Alba County's Police Inspectorate.

During the meeting with chief inspector Mr. Tudor Grindean at the Alba County's Police Inspectorate, certain aspects regarding the personal data processing conditions have been discussed, including the necessary measures for ensuring intimacy and security of the data, according to legal provisions.

During the discussions, both leaders insisted on the necessity of intensifying the efforts in order to accomplish the imposed exigencies by the accession to the Convention for Implementing the Schengen Agreement, regarding the evaluation mission from the data protection field scheduled to take place in 2009.

According to this, we mention that the Ministry of Administration and Interior and the competent authorities are obliged to adopt safety measures regarding the management and use of the National Information System for Alerts, which endorses access control of equipments, data support, storage, usage and access to data, and also communication control, introduction and transport of data.