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Press Release

Conference "New European Order in the data protection field”


On the 4th of May 2017, the representatives of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing attended the 2nd edition of the Conference New European Order in the data protection field, dedicated to the financial-banking sector and the public sector.

The representatives brought to the attention of the participants the changes brought by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, adopted by the European Parliament and Council, applicable starting with the 25th of May 2018, as well as the impact of the new European regulation on the observance of the data subjects’ rights.

With this occasion, the obligations of the public authorities and bodies (except for the courts) to designate a data protection officer, according to Articles 37-39 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as his tasks were underlined.

Moreover, it was presented the situations in which the data controllers or the data processors from the private sector have the obligation to designate a data protection officer until the 25th of May 2018, namely the cases where there is regular and systematic monitoring of data subject on a large scale or where there is a processing on a large scale of special categories of data like the ones revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, or biometric data.

This interactive event highlighted the special concern of private and public sector on the conformity with the processing rules established by the new Regulation.

Taking this opportunity, the message of our institution was broadcasted by Radio România Actualități to the general public, taking into consideration and this participation of our institution’s representatives is also part of the information campaign started by the authority in order to raise the awareness on the new rules on processing personal data.

Legal and communication Department ANSPDCP