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The conduct of the Conference from 28.01.2022


For the celebration of the European Data Protection Day, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing organised on 28th of January 2022 the online conference named “Main aspects found within the activity of the National Supervisory Authority”, where important representatives of some ministries, central public institutions, as well as many representatives of the most important professional associations and unions, chambers of commerce, companies and mass-media representatives took part.

The numerous and diverse participation registered at this reunion shows the existing interest and preoccupation for the application at high standards of the principles and rules for the protection of personal data.

At the opening of the event the President of the National Supervisory Authority, Mrs. Ancuta Opre, underlined the signification of this celebration within the context in which the Romanian Parliament ratified, through Law no. 290/09.12.2021, the Amending Protocol to Convention 108.

Also, the relevant aspects found within the controllers’ activity during 2021 were highlighted and it was recommended to them, specifically, to intensify the necessary internal organisational measures, including through the periodical training of the own employees, by reference to the specificities of the controller’s activity and their correlated tasks.

The first speech was given by Mr. Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, that underlined the importance granted to the personal data protection, specifically in the pandemic context and the preoccupations of the ministry in identifying the appropriate solutions within this period.

Other distinguished guests that gave speeches were represented, at a high level, by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education, the Ombudsman and the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, emphasising specific aspects from the activity of these authorities.

Within the event, representatives of the university environment, of the public sector, but also of the private one have presented subjects that raised a particular interest in relation to the effective exercise of the right of access, the processing of the data at the level of websites and mobile applications, considerations on the private life in the digital era, international data transfers, as well as the new methods used for the damage of personal data.

At the closing of the conference, the president of the Authority thanked to the guests for the involvement and expressed the availability of our institution to cooperate with the public and private sector, in order to ensure an efficient observance of the right to the protection of the personal data.


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