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January 28, 2023 marks the celebration of European Data Protection Day by all member states of the Council of Europe, when we celebrate 42 years since the adoption of Convention 108 for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, by the Council of Europe, the first legal instrument in the field.

The annual celebration of this day is subject to the objective of increasing the level of awareness of the general public with regards to the rules for the use of personal data, under the auspices of highlighting the importance of the right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

For the celebration of the European Data Protection Day, our institution will organize the online Conference with the theme “The effectiveness of the GDPR application in an interconnected world” on January 27, 2023, where relevant aspects from the case studies will be presented and debated. The representative central public authorities and institutions, the most important professional associations and unions, chambers of commerce, companies and representatives of mass media were invited to attend this event.

The marking of the European Data Protection Day will also be carried out with the support of the national television TVR and of the Bucharest Transport Society which will broadcast the informative video on the General Data Protection Regulation (public interest message) made by ANSPDCP.

In this context, we mention that our institution initiated a cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the National Authority for the Protection of Children’ Rights and Adoption, in order to identify the appropriate means aimed at increasing the level of awareness regarding the rules for the processing of personal data and the risks involved.

Also, for those interested, synthetic information on the Authority’s activity of the previous year will be provided in the Brochure dedicated to the European Data Protection Day, available together with the related leaflet at www.dataprotection.ro/informatii generale/informatii de interes public/materiale informative.


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