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Submitting Complaints under the General Data Protection Regulation


The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) with the headquarters in Bucharest, 1st district, 28-30 G-ral Gh. Magheru Blvd, processes the personal data of natural persons who submit complaints under the applicable legal provisions in the specific field of activity.

The purpose of the processing is to handle complaints, within the limits of the legal duties and obligations of the authority monitoring the application of the legislation on personal data protection.

The personal data of the petitioners are obtained from the complaints submitted by them and the attached proves, as well as, as the case may be, following the steps carried out in order to solve them.

The personal data may be disclosed to the claimed data controllers or processors in order to solve the complaints submitted, as well as to other public authorities or institutions or to similar supervisory authorities with which ANSPDCP cooperates in the performance of its legal duties.

It is mandatory to provide the real, accurate and complete identification and correspondence data of the petitioner and, if appropriate, his or her representative, in order to adequately solve the complaints and to send the responses. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the rejection of complaints as inadmissible or difficulties in transmitting correspondence. (Please consult the Procedure)

If the petitioners do not want for certain personal data to be disclosed in the course of handling the complaints, they have the possibility to exercise their right to object under the conditions provided by Article 21 of GDPR.

The petitioner’s personal data is stored for as long as necessary to take all steps in order to solve the complaints, as well as to solve the actions by the competent courts, if any, after which they will be archived according to the applicable law.

Persons whose personal data are processed by ANSPDCP may exercise their rights of access to data, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15-19 of GDPR, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with ANSPDCP on how to handle the requests for the exercise of these rights by submitting request by post to the ANSPDCP’s headquarters or to the e-mail address: dpo[at]dataprotection.ro.

The complaints may be submitted by natural persons whose personal data have been processed by infringing the applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data (“data subjects”), in particular where the petitioner’s habitual residence, place of work or alleged violation is located or, as the case may be, takes place on the territory of Romania.

If you do not fall into this category (“data subjects”), please submit your application using anspdcp[at]dataprotection.ro or ANSPDCP’s postal address.

Before filling in the complaint form, please consult the admissibility conditions from the Procedure for receiving and handling complaints.


Complaint (electronic form)*


*In order to fill in the form, it is necessary to save it and open it with Adobe Reader. Please do not attach archived documents (with extension .zip, .rar. etc.)