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European Data Protection Board February 2019 Plenary


On the 12th of February 2019 the Plenary of European Data Protection Board, body with legal personality, established based on Article 68 of the General Data Protection Board, took place.

With this occasion, the European Data Protection Board adopted the Guidelines on the codes of conduct intended to ensure the practical application of the provisions of Articles 40-41 of the General Data Protection Regulation. It is in public consultation.

Also, Opinion no. 4/2019 on the draft Administrative Arrangement for the transfer of personal data between EEA Financial Supervisory Authorities and non-EEA Financial Supervisory Authorities, based on Article 46 (3) of General Data Protection Regulation was adopted.

During this reunion, an Information note on data transfers in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in the event of UK leaving the European Union without agreement after the 30th of March 2019, when the rules applicable to third countries under Article 46-49 of the General Data Protection Regulation become applicable.

In the same time, the Working Plan of the Board for 2019-2020 was established.

Additional information is available at: https://edpb.europa.eu/news/news/2019/european-data-protection-board-seventh-plenary-session-edpb-20192020-work-program_en.


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