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EDPB Plenary January 2020


During the period 28-29 January 2020, the Plenary of European Data Protection Board took place, during which, mainly, the following documents were adopted:

Following the analysis of the proposals submitted during the public consultation stage, these guidelines were adopted in final form, which represents a useful tool in the activity of controllers and processors using video surveillance devices. The guidelines address, among others, the lawfulness of processing, the disclosure of footage to third parties, the confidentiality and security of the processing, with numerous relevant examples.

  • Guidelines on Connected Vehicles

The document focuses on the processing of personal data as the volume of these data used by vehicles has grown significantly.

The guidelines are submitted for public consultation.

  • Article 64 Opinions on Accreditation Requirements for Certification Bodies, submitted to the Board by the United Kingdom and Luxembourg

Additional information is available at: https://edpb.europa.eu/news/news_en.  


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