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14th February 2008 - The first reunion of the working group established in view of preparing   Romania's adhesion to the Schengen Space

In preparation of the Schengen evaluation mission on personal data protection, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing has established a Working Group, in collaboration with representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Special Telecommunications’ Service and the Romanian Office for Immigration.

Representatives of these public authorities answered Mrs. Georgeta Basarabescu’s invitation and attended today the first reunion of this working group, at the premises of the supervisory authority.

The participants appreciated the Authority’s initiative to establish a common working group in the field of personal data, whose main task is to facilitate the harmonisation of the legal framework and community aquis in the field of Schengen. The representatives of each authority involved in this process stated that they will begin the appropriate proceedings required in order to achieve the group’s main task, in accordance with their own specific activity.

The Supervisory Authority expressed its willingness in granting its entire support to the authorities responsible in the process of preparation of Romania’s adhesion to the Convention of implementing the Schengen Agreement.